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Remarriage Protections

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At Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC, we understand that life is unpredictable. When one spouse passes away, the other may remarry in time. Of course, this may raise concerns regarding whether the new spouse will be entitled to the assets you worked so hard for. The skilled estate planning attorneys at Heritage have the experience necessary to help you put remarriage protections in place. To learn more about how we can help, contact our firm today.

How do I protect my assets if I pass away and my spouse remarries?

Regardless of the estate planning option that you believe is most appropriate for you, whether it be a will or any version of a trust, we may consider a plan with the ability to have remarriage protections. Unfortunately for happily married couples, sometimes happily ever after is cut short. Sometimes a couple’s goals and plans may shift and be altered if one of them passes away.

Fortunately, your rule book can change as your life circumstances change. If there is an untimely death or a divorce, we can make sure that if you pass and your spouse remarries, that either they are protected or they and the children’s interest is protected to the extent that you want them to be. We often talk about a young spouse passing away and leaving all of the assets to the survivor. We assume that life is going to go as we plan. However, if the surviving spouse passes, guess who could inherit all of the assets? If it is a non-blood relation to previous children, what chance do those children have of receiving everything that you and/or your spouse may have worked for? This is just one of many scenarios that we can walk you through, so if something terrible unexpectedly happens we can guarantee that your spouse, your family, and your family’s heritage is taken care of.

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Being prepared for the unexpected can help you live the rest of your life with peace of mind. Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC is proud to help clients across Western Pennsylvania feel confident knowing that no matter what happens, their assets will be passed down according to their wishes. To learn more about how remarriage protection can help you secure your estate long after you are gone, contact our firm today.

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Whether you’re looking to secure your family’s future, protect a loved one’s assets or provide a loved one with the financial assistance he or she needs to afford long-term care, we are committed to serving your needs. We consistently offer creative and effective solutions to your most complex and sensitive estate planning needs and help your wishes come to fruition through our probate service.

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Everybody’s life is full of both expected and unexpected challenges. With our experience with elder law issues, we can help you enjoy the later years and retain full control over decisions that directly impact you. The attorneys at Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning view every challenge as an opportunity. We can help you or your loved one today.

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