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You love your husband, but he has some funny ideas. He’s been reading about cryogenics lately and saying how wonderful it would be to freeze yourselves when you die so that you can be reunited when technology advances.

You are not into that at all. You believe life and death are part of the cycle, and when it’s your turn to die, it’s game over. Besides, you have put up with your husband for one lifetime, and that is plenty.

There is a way to ensure your husband lets you die in peace, without any attempt to indulge his sci-fi fantasies. There are two legal documents you need to complete and have signed. They are an essential addition to your estate plan.

  • A durable health care power of attorney: You can appoint your daughter to make health care decisions on your behalf when you are incapable of doing so. She understands your point of view far better than your husband does, and it saves them having to argue about “What mom would have wanted.”
  • A living will: You can put down any specific instructions you have, such as “Do not try and freeze me.” You can choose whether you want resuscitation, blood transfusions and more. You can also make it clear if you wish to donate your organs or tissues and for what purposes. Some people decide to give only to help another person; others are happy to give body parts to research.

These two documents allow you to still have a say in your future when you are incapable of making decisions.