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Will Drafting In Western Pennsylvania

One of the most important things that anyone can do for his or her future is to create a comprehensive estate plan. Drafting a valid last will and testament can help put your mind at ease about the future of your estate, as well as allow your family to focus on the important things when the time comes. Of course, planning for the future can be a daunting and emotional task for some, but with the help of Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC, you can feel confident knowing that your estate will be handled with care. To learn more about drafting a last will and testament in Pennsylvania, contact the experienced attorneys at Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC today.

Why should I have a Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament simply names who gets your assets and when they get them after you pass away. It also names who is in control of your stuff and who is in charge of making sure everything is distributed correctly. The last will and testament only controls assets that are owned individually and do not have a beneficiary designation.

One thing to remember, though, is that a will has to go through probate. Although probate is not in itself an inherently bad process, it does require you to jump through the governmental hoops and the government is in control the entire time. Probate is also public, so everyone gets to see what you had and who you gave it to.

If you end up in front of the court, the probate process is designed to settle disputes. For example, even if your last will and testament states that your assets are to be split evenly between your kids, should one of them contest what your wishes were the judge is bound by law to settle the dispute, valid or not.

What makes a will valid in Pennsylvania?

In order to ensure that your estate will be handled according to your wishes, it is essential that you have a valid last will and testament in place. Each state has its own requirements when determining if a last will and testament is valid. In the state of Pennsylvania, you are required to sign your will. Unlike other states, Pennsylvania does not require a witness to your will unless you are unable to sign the will yourself.

What happens if I die without a will in Pennsylvania?

Individuals who have not executed a valid will prior to their passing will have their estate distributed based on Pennsylvania’s laws of intestacy. This means that your estate will be distributed amongst your close relatives, such as your spouse and children. If you are unmarried and without children at the time of your passing, your assets can be distributed to parents or grandparents or other, more distant relatives if they are not available. Upon determining that there are no living family members to inherit your estate, your assets will be given to the state of Pennsylvania.

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No matter what stage of life you are in, it is important to prepare for the future. Drafting a last will and testament can bring great peace of mind to yourself and your loved ones when it matters most. It is essential that you have a team of skilled estate planning attorneys on your side. Contact Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC today to learn how we can help.

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