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Heritage Tree LogoWhat Information Should Be Included in a Will?

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Your last will and testament is arguably the most important legal document that you may incorporate into your estate plan. This is because this document allows your assets to be distributed to your desired beneficiaries at the time of your unfortunate passing. However, this may only be made possible if you include the right information within this document. Follow along to find out what pieces of information you should include in your will and how a proficient Butler County will preparation attorney at Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC can make sure that nothing is forgotten.

What pieces of information should be included in a will?

Essentially, your last will and testament may be used as a platform to express your personal wishes for who is to retain ownership over which of your assets. However, your dictation may only be abided by if you disclose certain pieces of information. Such information may include the following:

  • Information found within the following documents:
    • Your birth certificate.
    • Your marriage license or divorce certificate.
    • Your property deeds.
    • Your insurance coverage statements.
    • Your bank account statements.
  • Information regarding your desired beneficiaries.
  • Information regarding your desired executor and co-executor, if applicable.
  • Information regarding your desired guardians over your minor children, adult dependents, and pets, if applicable.
  • Information regarding your funeral arrangements and burial plot.
  • The contact information for your lawyers, insurance agents, accountants, bankers, financial advisors, etc.

It also must be mentioned that your will may only be finalized with your signature at the end of the document. Of note, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you are not required to do so in the presence of witnesses or a notary.

What happens if I forget to include something in my will?

Generally speaking, if you do not incorporate pivotal pieces of information in your last will and testament, then it may be considered invalid and unenforceable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This means that your expressed personal wishes may go in vain. Instead, your estate may be distributed according to Pennsylvania’s laws of intestacy.

On the other hand, say that your will is missing information but it is still enough to be considered valid and enforceable. Well, at the very least, this may just make your estate distribution confusing for your loved one. And their being preoccupied with such trivialities may ultimately deter them from being able to emotionally process your passing. This is all to say that you must make your will as detailed as possible.

Even if you are just considering starting to draft your will, it is best that you first consult with one of the talented Butler County estate planning attorneys. So please contact us at Heritage Elder Law & Estate Planning, LLC today.

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